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The Money Conference is a FREE one-day event presented by The Office of Massachusetts State Treasury and the Massachusetts Financial Literacy Trust Fund, and in conjunction with local cities and community partners to help households build their financial knowledge and improve their financial behavior through quality financial education.

The Money Conference: Financial Empowerment for Individuals & Families

Questions? Contact Sheila O'Loughlin at (617) 367-6900.

Do you feel your need for financial education and empowerment is urgent? You are not alone! Americans are saving less, spending more and carrying credit card debt over from month-to-month, suggesting that the painful financial lessons of the recent past may quickly be forgotten.

  • Two out of Five U.S. adults gave themselves a C,D, or F on their knowledge of personal finance
  • More than half of U.S. adults 56% admit they do not have a budget
  • One Third of Americans do not pay their bills on time.

(National Foundation for Credit Counseling Survey, April 2012)

Join us to start planning for you and your family, access quality financial education, and light a path towards greater financial security.

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